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GetMyBoat wants to make sure you have a SAFE and FUN boating experience

At GetMyBoat, we care about your safety – both online and in the water. Safety is our #1 concern! We want to provide you with the tools and safety education to make sure you have an enjoyable experience with GetMyBoat.

For Renters

Boat Safety Education

Boating is an extremely enjoyable and rewarding experience, especially for those who know their boating safety. For those of you who have never operated a watercraft before, hold off on marching down to the marina with your Captain’s hat and stylish boat shoes, take a second and look into the basic boat safety training course before renting a vehicle on GetMyBoat.

Also, some states require that you must complete a boating safety course before you can operate a motorized watercraft. It is best to be a Prepared Paulie and check state regulations prior to taking off on your boating adventure to double, no, triple check what is required of you to operate a boat. Being the great website that we are, we have linked up with BoatUS to provide our users with a free, online boat safety education course.

Before renting a boat out to you (and to appease the mythological figure Oceanus!) the owner of the watercraft will likely want to see that you are capable of handling their watercraft. If you do not feel you have the abilities to operate a watercraft, don’t fret, you can always search out chartered (captained) tours. There are also a variety of free training resources on the web to help you become familiarized with the craft you are renting out.

Liability & Trip Insurance

GetMyBoat is working hard to secure a partnership to offer our users insurance coverage. If you have a partnership opportunity or any questions regarding coverage, please email us.

Screening Potential Watercraft Owners

Before placing a deposit and paying for a rental, you will want to ensure you have clearly communicated with the owner of the watercraft. As with any transaction, you will want to speak with the owner, determine the terms of the agreement, as well as ensure the payment of deposits/fees are charged through a secure and reputable payment system. Just like those false emails from a so called prince in a distant country, you should never send credit card or bank information through our messaging platform, email or any other unsafe method. In the near future, we will offer a review and verification systems to further assist with the screening process on GetMyBoat.

Before Renting Out a Watercraft

As with any legal documents (Yawn!) or agreements, be sure to carefully read through them before signing. Additionally, you will want to note the condition and sea-worthiness of the craft. Rule of thumb: if the watercraft is not floating, you probably shouldn’t rent it. Don’t forget to make sure the boat has all the proper federal and state approved safety equipment.

For Owners

Boat Owner’s Insurance

Before listing your craft on the site, you will need to determine if chartering/renting your watercraft is covered under your boat owner’s and/or private property insurance policies. This will generally depend on your insurance carrier. If accepting payment for use of your privately owned boat is not covered under your current policy, you can purchase additional boat owner’s insurance from anyone of many providers. We are currently working with a private insurance carrier to cover commercial insurance and hope to offer this service very soon.


Before you go take your old junker out of storage to make some cash, make sure that your watercraft is sea-worthy before listing it on GetMyBoat. For safety and legal liability reasons, we will only allow sea-worthy boats on our site. To keep our beautiful renters safe, we encourage all boat owners to properly maintain, store, and keep active maintenance/registration records. Additionally, we highly recommend installing and/or making available federal and state approved safety equipment.

Seeing that you might need some help to verify your safety equipment, the United States Power Squadrons and the US Coast Guard Auxiliary supply a FREE service to perform a Vessel Safety Check on your watercraft. This is a free examination of your boat to verify the presence and condition of certain safety equipment required by State and Federal regulations. During this examination, turn your head and cough, they will make recommendations to help make you a safer boater. Upon a successful inspection, they even provide you with a VSC decal to proudly display on your watercraft.

Screening Potential Renters

Before renting your watercraft, you will want to speak with the renter to determine if they are someone you want to do business with. You can collect some personal information from the user as well as check out their social media profiles like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Additionally, you can also figure out the boater’s level of experience with operating watercraft's like yours and/or check if they have passed training and safety courses. Lastly, you may consider requiring a deposit or offer to take the renter out yourself.

Rental Agreements & Procedures

As a courtesy, we provide private owners and commercial operators with sample rental agreements and waivers you can use in the course of business – you will want to modify these legal documents to include your terms. We recommend consulting with legal counsel to ensure these documents protect both you and the renter. You will also want to utilize a pre-rental checklist to walk the renter through the vessel to check for pre-existing damage.


GetMyBoat currently does not accept rental payments on the site, so you will need to find alternate payment methods in order to complete your transaction. We recommend utilizing services like Dwolla, PayPal, Square (For credit card processing), or cash (upon delivery).

By the Beard of Zeus! Now that you have read through all this safety content, you should be well on your way to having a great boating experience. Don’t forget to have fun and happy boating!